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Terms & Conditions
Prices quoted for Flash design and development do NOT include the .fla source files. Prices for .fla files vary from project to project, mainly depending on the complexity of the work completed. The costs are generally equal to or double the price of the main Flash project.

Extra charges (charged at our hourly rate, on top of the quoted price) will be incured for website design and development if:
- after the layout design concept has been approved, more than 3 hours worth of changes are requested that deviate from the initial design concept (header, bg colours, layout size etc...)
- any significant changes (i.e new drafts) are required for the main text and image content, after content has been added
- after completion of any project, bug fixing any errors caused by ourselves will be free for 14 days. Fixing any bugs discovered after this time period will be chargable.

Disclaimer of liability for content: Volatyle Flash Web Design undertakes no liability whatsoever for the content of client's websites. Volatyle Flash Web Design hereby excludes all liability of any kind for the publication of information of whatever nature on client's websites.
Please note that .fla source files developed or designed by Volatyle are are not supplied with our work, unless expressly stated before work begins.